Our second album originally released in 2006 in a double vinyl with gatefold jacket

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¡Hola Viajeros!

The universe of Tango and Argentinian music is wide, almost infinite. We gathered a selection of songs which - according to us - have stood the test of time and others which - still according to us - are meant to last. We hope that our choices will open the gate of...


"CLUB SECRETO" reminds us that Gotan Project's music grew out of dance music culture. Their first album went from being an underground favourite on the international tastemaker DJ circuit to a word of mouth, million selling hit album that heralded the revival of Tango on the world stage.


Especially for Record Store Day, Gotan Project are releasing two new songs "Strength to Love" and Checkmate". It is not a question of them changing direction, it is more evidence of Gotan Project's continuing journey. Having started their...


Gotan Project is excited to announce that they will be musical guests on ABC’s hit show 

Dancing With The Stars, The Results Show on Tuesday April 10...